Are You Feeling Confused And Overwhelmed With Information Overload?

A prosperous business comes with aligning with your truest identity not in pursing the shiny toys of tactics or techniques but honing in to your truest identity and by living out of your truest identity you will prosper in your business and life as a whole.

You are here today and maybe you are looking for that missing piece for you business and life. The puzzle piece (the missing piece that aches within you) that gives feel you a complete picture of what you are pursuing. You know that if you can get this one thing that your business will blossom.

This experience is universal and the answer isn’t found in tactics or tips. It is much deeper and most of the training to build your business feels slimy because it grates against your values and maybe (like me) you have tried playing the game their way and have found yourself frustrated and feeling awful. What you are looking for isn’t surface level stuff, it comes from he core of your being.

The core of you is your being not the doing that the online hucksters are trying to peddle you. We all have that experience of the shiny toy syndrome. I have many unused courses and books that I bought impulsively thinking it was the antidote then found myself salivating over some other new found technique to double my business.

Personally, I came from a background of poverty and that mindset was adopted early on and I projected my beliefs of struggle onto my future. I was in a loop of my own doing. After many years of soul searching, studying, and meeting some amazing mentors that way of struggle has been replaced with envisioning a brighter future and adopting a more joyful and purposeful way of living.

What you do (your business) comes from your identity and that identity isn’t found in your doing but in the reality of who you really are. Your business, marriage, parenting, etc is meant to flow out of your being.

There is a duality in western society that will not be discussed here but in future post. We live life out of labels and separations that we use to make sense of the world but oftentimes is a detriment to living a fulfilled life and out of the prosperity that God intended for you to live out of.

Much of the struggle I find people in aren’t about their business but out of a place of their life. There is no judgment here, I have made these mistakes and still find myself making. What is the point you are asking here?

We all must take this journey to self discovery and learn what is it that we truly want. We all have been influenced by other people’s expectations and most people are living out of other people’s expectations not their truest desire. If you aren’t true to yourself, you will be stressed out and striving to survive.

This blog is to assist you on your journey , strip down the labels and false identities, and live life out of a place of who you really are and help your develop your point of view, find or clarify your mission, encourage you to follow your own creative compass, trust your intuition, and create your own path.

P.S. There are tips, tools, techniques, methods here for you to build your flourishing business but only in it

s proper order of your life.

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