Too Old To Find Your Passion?

Years of trial and error, you have experimented with finding your groove, your passion, your mission on this planet. Your ship has sailed, and that ol’ ship is retired. You’re in your crummy job, and it hurts the most on those beautiful days when you wish you were anywhere but where you are. Maybe you heard some exspurt :) say that after 30 all is lost and the best is behind you.

Enter exhibit A, Anna Mary Robertson Moses; you may know her as Grandma Moses, she is one of the most celebrated names in American fine arts, and she didn’t even pick up a brush until she was in her ripe age of 76.

Grandma had to quit embroidery once her arthritis was too painful for her to hold her needle and thread. Grandma Moses was a big fan of embroidery, but once her arthritis grew too painful for her to hold a needle, her sister suggested painting a try in the mid-1930s.

She painted for about two years, then her family persuaded her to send some of her paintings along with her yummy canned fruits and jams to a local county fair; she won prizes for her preserves, not her artwork.

Not too long after this incident, a local drugstore put some of her pictures in their window and attracted a visiting Manhattan art collector, Louis Caldor. He bought all of the paintings and tried getting the New York art dealers' interest and ended up having an art show, and the rest is history. Her art career lasted 25 years. Her artwork was high-end prices for art at that time. She prospered, and her artwork has been sold worldwide.

There are many stories like this. The lie is that your best is behind you, but I want you to know. It isn’t too late for you. Your best is yet to come. Every day is a blank canvas so create a beautiful life.

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