Do you struggle with second-guessing yourself on your dreams? Do you feel like you are wasting your time, energy and money, all the while missing out on being prosperous and losing your sanity?

Giving up on your ultimate dream for your life is devastating, tragic and worse, keeps gnawing at you, robbing you of your self-confidence.


I feel your pain and you are not alone. I lived this way myself for 10 grueling years! I’m going to tell you what took me over 10 years to discover and understand, and how this one piece of information and one decision changed everything for me, and my clients, who are people just like you. 

The old me wasted 10 years holding off on pursuing my dreams--I wasted time, energy, and resources because of my unspoken fears of failure, not trusting my own decision making and suffering analysis paralysis.  I was so worried people wouldn’t take me seriously nor see the value in what I had to offer. 

Even closest friends and family were saying negative things or urging me to give up my dream. I realized I focused too long and hard on my past failures, robbing me of doing what I love doing, and worse, not helping people with the gifts and talents I’ve been given to share with others. 

I was losing my grip on hope. I beat myself up, saying, I’m too much of a dreamer! My dream will never happen for me!  I found comfort at the bottom of my favorite gallon of Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream or eating a whole large pepperoni pizza to drown my despair. I felt miserable, alone and exhausted.

I kept believing in the wisdom from The Secret but knew deep in my gut something was still missing. 

Then over the years, with no plan or strategy, just wandering through my days, I kept seeing glimpses of breakthroughs in other people with whom I worked with. They shared their challenges and asked me what I thought. I wondered what they saw in me, and why I couldn’t see it in myself!

I would share my thoughts with them, energized by a gut feeling I did not understand. These people would improve their situation, after speaking with me. Yet logically, I couldn’t explain how or from where my insights were coming.

People kept thanking me for “just listening” to them, and, “seeing the solution in ways they had never thought of.” I knew in my heart I could help more people yet I kept avoiding “selling my services.” People kept telling me “You ask better questions.” Many people’s lives have been transformed through this unofficial advising and coaching, including:

  • businesses growing over a million dollars by implementing what I shared
  • improving their health after years of yo-yo diets
  • paying off personal debt faster than they thought they could
  • making new relationships and saving precious relationships--showing up differently in many ways at home and work
  • breaking free of age-old limiting beliefs which held them, prisoner, for decades 
  • Accepting and even forgiving themselves “once-and-for-all” and finally feeling free

Seeing others succeed in some many ways, filled my heart and gave me deep satisfaction and purpose. But I wasn’t finding my own traction and it was killing me. I gave away everything for free, hoping they would SEE ME and MY VALUE. 

I was hiding for a long time, playing small, and spent years reading books on coaching, taking online classes, and doing every personal development event I could find, but never got out of my own way. I hid behind my excuses, like, “it’s all about timing.” But it was really my lack of self-confidence...and then reality hit me hard!

Staring at my friend’s body as it lay stone-cold on pearl white padding in a steel blue casket, I could barely breathe. It was all over for him, after 24 short years. After two more funerals within two months, I felt pain, anger and deep sadness all at the same time, hearing yet another well-meaning person say,  “The wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery!” 

Miles of grassy fields, and tons of marble and stone, filled with the unfulfilled dreams and endless possibilities that never took flight--so tragic. And I saw myself doing the exact same thing. I was filled with guilt and shame, but my gut said: “you must keep going!”



After wrestling with 5 simple questions I discovered, I finally decided to be kind and trust myself, regardless of how everyone else may perceive what I was doing. I finally buried my pride and humbly asked for help. (The teacher appears when the student’s ready.)

The truth is, I had nothing left to give, to keep fighting a “good fight” on my own...and I had EVERYTHING to lose--my, our home, our cars, my health, and my hope.

And on one fateful day, my new business coach helped me finally decide and believe,

I am worthy of success,”

I have gifts to share with so many people

“Now is my time to trust my intuition and follow my gut!”  

My coach masterfully asked me a question, and sat silently, until I reached deeply and declared, “I am ready, and now is the time!” 

It was a rebirth for me. 

Ever since that transformational day, only made possible by my coach, I have trusted my inner compass and started to teach hundreds of others how to trust their inner-voice for themselves, and how to quiet their inner-critic.

My life shifted when I decided to follow my intuition...

It all came down to faith, having confidence in my abilities and trusting myself and sharing vulnerably with no apologies. And with the help of others, I discovered how to do all of this myself, and empower and equip others too.  

Have you lost faith in yourself?

Have you ever had a gut feeling? A hunch about something you were trying to figure out? Some would call it instincts. Some would call it a 6th sense. No matter what you call it, intuition plays a part in your decision making every day. 

You may tap into this way of making decisions more than others. There is so much innate untapped ability inside of you. It may seem dormant. Great News: you can consciously unlock your genius by being intentional with your intuition.

I believe this is the missing piece in many courses in personal development. 

In fact, there are 3 things The Secret doesn’t teach which make all the difference in the world for my clients and friends who work with me. There are 5 steps and 10 questions which are the keys to open the door to your future success using your intuition.

So many clients have transformed their own lives-- emotionally, physically, mentally, and in their relationships, career, income, and their businesses. And you can too!

They now easily access their intuition on demand, for what they want and receive detailed information to their advantage. 

And you can too.

At the center of this training is one simple message: 

You can become prosperous, happy and fulfilled by discovering and being your genuine self...possibly, for the first time in your life. You will be able to tune into your intuition and trust it for guidance along your journey of life.

Every day will keep getting better. Your inner voice will tell you when something feels wrong or right;  worthwhile or not; profitable or not. You will make better decisions and unleash your own creativity for greater success and fulfillment.

Many of the great men and women of history have known this secret and some have hidden it and passed it on to only a select few. Those who knew it harnessed its power and lived extraordinary lives.


You don’t have to suffer anymore,  trying to find your groove, your path, and your place in the world. It is certainly a world full of distraction, yet you have the noise-canceling headphones you need to diffuse these weapons of mass distraction.

You are the one who creates your reality and you can do this consciously or unconsciously. No one can think for you. No one else can do what you can do. You simply need a roadmap to get there, and a guide to come alongside you.

You might be saying,  “Sure, this stuff may work for other people, but not me.” 

There are many others who I have worked with that said the same thing. Many times these people have become my star students, discovering they have more innate ability to tap into intuition and were far more advanced than some of my advanced students. 

Take a deep breath and relax. 

You and I together can get past the chaos and confusion and come into confidence. 

I am so passionate and certain about helping you because I lived the exhausting journey with no traction, stuck and feeling all alone, and I now know what will set you free and empower you to live the life of your dreams...seriously!

I am not a special snowflake. If I can do it, you certainly can. And I love encouraging people along the way in their own journey. 

Yes, you can do it!

And there’s ONE THING that took me from a struggling coach to a prosperous business owner, that will help you as well. Let me ask you some questions first though...

Can you say YES to any of these questions?

  • Do you have a persistent dream that you keep putting off for “someday”?
  • Do you have a message you want to share with the world but not sure where or how to start?
  • Are you suffering from being "the best-kept secret" nobody knows of?
  • Do you have a gnawing sense there is a missing piece to your career, business, or life?
  • Are you unsure about the decisions you are making and afraid to make a move?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. The good news is there are answers, tools, distinctions, and decisions that will transform you and your life.

Yes, you can do it!

It doesn’t matter how many times you or I let ourselves down in the past. You can always decide NOW is the time. You can do this for yourself or we can work together, but if you are anything like me,  I need accountability and grow the most working with others.

It does NOT have to be this hard, anymore. Really, it doesn’t. It’s time to finally learn to trust your inner compass and get a system tailored to you.

Anyone can grow their business with principles, tools, resources, etc. but the real transformation comes when you believe in your insight and trust your inner voice. 

After working with clients for years, I kept hearing the same questions about similar challenges they had in pursuing their dream business, career, or life goals. I had an epiphany. What would it look like for me to give back as it has been given to me?

I decided to create my own tribe, create an intuition-led personal growth experience, with an emphasis on simple proven principles to help you find your truth, be your authentic self and live the life of your dreams...yes, seriously, no hocus pocus...just step-by-step strategies to turn your “someday” into “My Day.”

For the past year my clients have been urging me to do something bigger--to build a community for people just like you--a safe place to speak your truth, share your fears, ask for help, and support one another in a JUDGMENT-FREE ZONE!

Imagine a world where confidentiality, active listening and genuinely caring about one another, with encouragement and accountability, are the norm. This tribe exists and we are committed to living in this way, together.

Imagine a tribe where you can learn, grow and play, yes play, by asking better questions and making time for yourself, surrounded by people who want the best for you.

My clients often celebrate that our questions are the key to their discoveries and breakthroughs. These breakthroughs help them break-free from overwhelming, their inner-critic, self beat-up, playing small, hiding, deep disappointments and disempowering beliefs, habits, and hangups.

Encouraged, cajoled and empowered by this tribe, we synthesized all of what was working the best for our tribe along with my lessons learned and trial-tested strategies, and my coaching and training, to create the LEVEL UP Academy.                  

The heart of the LEVEL UP Academy is our signature Intuitive Diagnostic Coaching, which illuminates your blind spots in your personal life, career or business. 

Our Intuitive Diagnostic Method engages the subconscious with the conscious mind so you can retrieve information/memories/wisdom, process it, and integrate these gifts into your daily life. 

Tapping into your potential with intuition enables…

  • Logical decision making
  • Greater certainty in your decisions 
  • Discovery of your purpose and your impact 
  • Greater chance of making a lasting difference, doing what you love with whom you love supporting
  • Elimination of indecision, saving you time and energy
  • Removal of fear and peer pressure from your decisions
  • Elimination of procrastination and “analysis paralysis”
  • Self-confidence and certainty from “trusting your gut” 

Your intuition is your brain’s way of unconsciously making the best decision it can - and it’s more important than anyone else’s advice, no matter how famous or knowledgeable they may be.

The Intuitive Diagnostic Method will enable you to make better decisions with greater clarity, confidence, purpose, and direction.

  • Should I go into business with this person?
  • Should I build a relationship with this person?
  • What is really going on with my family member’s challenge?
  • What would the future vision look like and what steps do we need to take?
  • When should I ask for that raise at work? 
  • Do I speak up now or wait until later? 

The Intuitive Diagnostic Method removes most of the guesswork from your decision making.

You will be honing this skill and developing your own stress-free system, truly unique to you. 

Easily joining LEVEL UP Academy, you will…

  • Become confident in your decision making so you won’t second guess yourself.
  • Develop your intuition with our signature intuitive diagnostic coaching.
  • Access tools to build a thriving life, career, or business no matter what challenge you face.
  • Receive accountability in our tight-knit community, so you are no longer alone. We are a safe place for you to ask for help and receive encouragement. 
  • Focus on speed to get your results quickly with simple steps.

This group coaching academy will help you push past your fears. Together we will do great things.

We have a team that cares for you.

Imagine how different your life is going to be as you step into this new you. 

Imagine waking up tomorrow looking at your bank account seeing $300,000 cash knowing that you are able to make renovations to your house without any hesitation?

Imagine not rushing in the morning to spend hours fighting bumper to bumper traffic to get to the job you hate.

Imagine being able to see the world now rather than waiting for retirement.

  • How would life be different if you become more confident in your decision making?
  • How would life look different if you could create the schedule that works for you and your family?
  • What would it do for your life to be earning double in the next 12 months?
  • How much would this transformation be worth to you? 
  • What kind of price tag can you put on your dreams?
  • When working with my one-on-one clients I noticed three universal challenges. I knew that if these clients could work with me and a community, they could get to their goals faster. 

However, I knew that not everyone could afford my fees that range from $4,000 to $20,000. I had to find something that fit more into people's budgets

I am confident when you and I work together we will see the needle move on your business and you will have more traction than ever before.

I decided that I would start at a lower price point of only $332 a month for 3 months since this is a pilot program. 11% of our community’s monthly investment will be donated to Loaves & Fishes Orphanage, in honor of you joining us. 

I am only doing this as a launch price and cost will increase very soon.  

My promise to you: If you don’t find tremendous value from your first module, I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, no hassle, and no hard feelings. 

I’m grateful you are giving us the opportunity to test drive what we have built for you. You have nothing to lose!




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