Motivational Speaker & Live Art Storyteller 

Teaching Children & Youth The Art of Turning Trials into Triumphs

Inspiring Children & Youth To Tell  Empowered Stories

What is Live Art & Interactive Storytelling? 

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Theo & The Maze 


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Engaging, Creative, Energetic & Fun


A motivational speaker, visual artist and youth advocate with over a decade of experience mentoring, counseling and building Creative Resilience in children & youth.


Darby has dedicated his life to helping students cultivate positive self-identities and resilient mental tools so they can thrive in the midst of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

This presentation, “Theo & The Maze,” (A Visual Metaphor) is an inspirational, interactive, and entertaining experience. 

Theo & The Maze is a visual aid of what correct mindsets look like under pressure. 


This message empowers today’s children and youth by promoting self-ownership while infusing them with hope. 


This presentation is designed with research-based solutions within an evidence-based framework.


The elements of this presentation blend  

Social Emotional Learning

Trauma Informed Care



This presentation, Theo & The Maze-Rewriting Your Story. has Interactive Storytelling & Live Art. Darby also utilizes drama, humor, pop culture and science.  


My goal is to help your students discover their inbuilt potential superpowers and author a positive life.

The power of your students' story is the key to your success.




"Change your story one thought at a time."

What is a visual storyteller?

              Meet The Characters

              Of Theo & The Maze

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Not Your Usual Speaker- Educating While Entertaining

Visual storytelling is a powerful technique to communicate and enhance speeches, meetings, workshops.  Visuals help capture thoughts, ideas, and processes in an interactive and engaging way. 


"In a day when it can seem that chaos and disruption is the norm, it's encouraging to know that our young people have someone like Darby Slaton to whom they can turn. He brings a message of hope, resilience, and purpose to a generation who is longing to hear. Darby's exuberance is contagious. His ability to get others (students) excited about life is a welcome asset for any school."

Dr. Ivy Bonk

School Reform Strategist & Childhood Trauma Specialist


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