Step Into Your True Superpower and Thrive In Your Business Goals Even In The Post- Pandemic World 

How To Be The Leader That Enrolls Others Into Your Vision, Follows Your Lead, Handles Conflict, And Manages Your Board With Poise And Confidence 

Michael's vision to become a CEO has motivated him throughout the years. After many years of sacrifice, being in the trenches, Michael finally landed his big break. However, his world was about to be turned upside down in 2020. Because of the pandemic, the business world felt apocalyptic. 


Michael's excitement about fulfilling his vision came to a screeching halt when he discovered  

A gaping knowledge gap in his previous job now throw in a pandemic on top of that. At times he felt like the most useless executive alive. His first couple weeks were trial by fire. There are many moving parts in this process. Michael has a lot of stakeholders, partners, team members, customers, and expectations to manage. 


In the post-2020 world, businesses are under immense pressure from life and work. Michael feels as if he is constantly being viewed through a microscope and is often misunderstood. The weight he bears is the full responsibility for his company's success and the demands placed on him. Sometimes Michael feels out of place in a meeting. To justify his actions to people older than him. He feels he is on the edge of being fired if you don't perform up to the company's standards. 



Constantly Putting Out Fires

As well as managing the company's relationships. Michael's calendar is filled with analyst meetings, board meetings, industry groups, and other constituencies. He feels spread thin.  

Even if he worked 100 hours a week, he would not have enough time to do the mountain of work before him. 


Then there are the distractions. He constantly receives updates on his cell phone: endless texts and daily drama. 


Day after day, Michael started to feel tense. He realized that even an innocent question might be interpreted as a loss of confidence. He has realized that you have to answer to the board of directors while he is the boss.


The endless game of pleasing the shareholders is wearisome. He is second-guessing himself and cannot settle himself down to strategize. Michael attempted to bring change to the company only to find some of his actions bumped up against the culture, traditions, and unspoken rules. He is making the wrong kind of waves. 


He now feels stuck, and analysis paralysis has set in. 


Are You In Survival Mode?

Maybe you can see yourself in Michael and do not want others to see you break a sweat, but you know that something needs to change inside. How do you reach your goals when the ship seems to be sinking? How does your team view you as a leader? You realize what got you here won't get you there when the impostor syndrome flares up.  


Almost certainly, you have tried every book, resource, training, and even a coach. Finally, it is time for what you have been searching for to end.  


What is the price of indecision? Financial loss and disrespect from a team? Is it the cost of not being able to lead your team?


Budgets, margins, and sales are on the decline. Is it the cost of not being able to lead your team? If your only strategy is survival, what will happen? These questions are the most common reasons for CEOs to experience sleepless nights. 


Jeff's Story- From Overwhelmed To Overcoming

Jeff wanted to advance in his career but struggled to get a position in upper management as a charge nurse.


He wanted an increase of confidence during conflict and to say the "tough things." In the past, he took on extra work because of people-pleasing tendencies instead of delegation but now he realizes it is empowering for others with delegation. He was constantly worried about disappointing people. He struggled to trust his judgment. 


We did some deep coaching and left nothing off the table. Jeff was relentless in his pursuit of being a world-class leader. He did the recommended work, like setting boundaries and started practicing saying the difficult things, and to his surprise, he found that he had a lot more confidence.


He has developed successful relationships with upper management and is trusted by his team. As a result, he is happier and more productive at work while achieving his personal and professional goals.  


Within six months of working together, he experienced three promotions and has his eyes on a CEO position. This was a crucial case for me. I knew that if Jeff could adopt my framework to improve his confidence, he would be able to get the upper management he wanted.

The success of this case motivated me to create the IDS Framework. It has helped all of my clients. And I believe it can help you too.


Jeff's Transformation

I knew that if Jeff could adopt my framework to improve his confidence, he would be able to get the upper management he wanted. The success of this case motivated me to create the IDS Framework. It has helped all of my clients. And I believe it can help you too.

What did his transformation look like?

  • Received clarity and developed a plan of action
  • Developed his executive presence
  • Learned to trust his instincts
  • Uncovered his blindspots
  • Experienced a better culture and teamwork
  • Increased personal and team productivity
  • Achieved lasting behavioral changes
  • Developed an ability to handle turbulence during the pandemic
  • Grew his awareness of how he showed up in the world


Nahum's Story- Transformed From Being A Chef To A CEO Who Won Sharktank

Another success story was my work with Nahum. The CEO of GoOats. He was struggling to get his bearings. He created his company with no background in business. He had sleepless nights worrying if he was making the right decisions. We worked on his communication skills. I told him I believe he is going to be in front of millions of people on tv 8 months prior to him being a contestant on Shark Tank.

Shark Tank

Nahum's Transformation

Nahum has grown into a leader that can take charge, direct and lead. He was prepared for a big opportunity of going on Sharktank and won.

Nahum is a real-life example of a humble, confident, and driven leader. He is a confident leader who has a heart for others. My vision was to help Nahum become a great leader who can lead his team in the right direction and guide them in their future. I want to help people like Nahum with his leadership skills. Together we will attack the learning curve so you can have lasting results and positive change in their leadership.

The highlights of our work together.

  • Guided him on how to confidently lead
  • Strengthened his executive presence
  • Developed his communication skills for stakeholders, customers, team etc
  • Evaluated his goals, kept him accountable and on track
  • Created a high-performance culture

Nahum Jeannot


My Process

The fictional story about Michael and the real-life story of my client Jeff both end the same way. The problem may not be what you think it is. 90% of your success is how you show up.


Things will get more difficult if you try to use ideas, tactics, or massive action without clarity. My work has both heart and backbone. Adopting my IDS framework helps you uncover your true identity so that you can connect with others, and in that relationship, you build a healthy culture. 


I assist new leaders in leading from their authentic strengths, discovering their voice, and building a healthy team culture.

The bottom line is that you'll gain traction for change management. You will inspire your confidence and enroll your organization with a single goal.



Chaos To Clarity

You have what it takes no matter how stressed out you are. Together we can narrow down your focus your greatest influence shifts from direct to indirect means—articulating and communicating a clear, easily understood strategy; institutionalizing rigorous structures and processes to guide, inform, and reward; and setting values and tone.

Equally important is selecting and managing the right senior management team to share the burden of running the company.




This all boils down to focusing on three main areas of culture, people, and numbers, and the rest will fall into place. When you learn to lead with confidence, you will communicate an enrolling vision for a cohesive culture, you will develop a powerful team to help them what they do best, and you will hit your budget. 

Your company will reach financial goals as you step up into the leader you know deep down that you are meant to be.

I can help you from chaos to clarity. You can be lonely at the top and learn the hard way or you could add a strategic partner to help you reach your personal goals while creating long-term profitability. You will learn to sell the big picture strategy and shape how analysts and shareholders look at the company.


Your Breakthrough

Together we will get to the root of what is blocking you from stepping into your strengths. I make a promise to tell you what no one else will say and be a trusted sounding board to reach your goals. I will provide external feedback.

But most of all, I am not the expert of your business you are. My expertise is seeing what makes you tick and helping your best self to emerge even in the face of adversity.

Together we will build your high impacting team and help you develop your boardroom relationships.

We will consider carefully how your actions and the way these are communicated will be interpreted by different audiences and develop a framework you can rely on.

We will create strategies so that you can win personally and for your company. We will cover personal goals so that you can create a work life balance for a more fulfilling purposeful life.

Are You The One?

The type of person I want to work with. If you are committed to continuous learning, then you are a leader. Be willing to revisit their decisions and actions. Have significant problems to solve and high ambitions. You are flexible, willing to be open and authentic, and have a thinking partner who will help you confidently lead your team into the unknown. The next step is to make a strategy call so we can see if we would be a good fit.

Katy Williams

Chief Financial Officer at NRCC

Mellisa Curry

Director of Clinical Service at Allies for Health + Wellbeing

Darby has helped me transition from working full-time to working for myself. His presence in my life helped me to become more aware and confident to step into my vision for my life.


Steve Robertson

Chief Executive Officer at Bold Education

Darby is a real and a deep listener. Not many of those out there in the world. He always shares truth, strategy, and vision with clarity that breathes life and hope.