This is a mindful movement of heart-based entrepreneurs -coaches, speakers, authors, & and teachers).
The 20 plus a principled guide of our Transformational Leadership.

1. Serving as a way of being, not manipulate for sales.

2. Entertain possibilities, not inabilities.

3. Live out of a place of being not doing.

4. You are loved vs. earning love.

5. Your greatest weapon against fear is thanksgiving, not complaining.

6. There is not separateness of sacred and secular.

7. Miracles happen when you take action with God vs. waiting for your opportunity to come.

8. Create your clients, not just attract them.

9. Laughter will take you further, instead of taking yourself too seriously.

10. Learn from others but create your unique map.

11. Playfully consider not fearful meditation.

12. Principle-based business, not rule enforcing.

13. Awe & Wonder driven business, not duty.

14. Faith-filled practice, not fear.

15. Ready, fire, aim not hiding behind, getting it perfect.

16. Prosperous mindsets vs poverty thinking.

17. Spiritual rooted, not tactics.

18. Commit no judgment upon yourself or others.

19. Creativity over conformity.

20. Learners mindset and flexibility, not rigidness of perfectionism.

21. Imagination over knowledge.

22. Partnership, not domination.

23. Compete with yourself, don’t worry about competition with others.

24. Straight talk, not pandering.

25. Embrace paradox and mystery vs. not trying to figure it all out.

26. Slow down at the speed of life, not grind yourself with burnout.

27. Building relationships, not just business building.

28. Money isn’t the root of evil, but the lust of money is.

29. Meaning over status.

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