Hello! My name is Darby

After growing up in poverty, struggling with schooling, anxiety and deep depression, he started on a journey of discovery of mental health. With years of research and application, he knew that he had to share these tools with the next generation. He has participated in more than 800 inspirational events and has a measurable positive impact on schools, families, and communities.



His keynote program Theo & The Maze is an inspirational experience designed to engage and empower modern youth, promote self-ownership, encourage the discovery of purpose, and to build more grit in children and youth. This interactive presentation uses the elements of visual storytelling (graphic facilitation),  storytelling, drama, humor, pop culture and science.



A lover of coffee, chocolate, and creating art, Darby is married to his best friend Colleen, a fellow neuroscience geek. They live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where Colleen serves as an occupational therapist and works with children with special needs.


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